Patented AIGI FFA Flat Face Mechanical Seal

Single Cartridge Seal
Patented AIGI FFA Flat Face Mechanical Seal
Design Features

● Suitable for limited outboard space applications —Away from shaft wear/fretting
● Sealing chamber large than original stuffing box —Good heat radiation and cooling ability
● Positioned closer to the bearing —Lower vibration and better sealing


● Water, oil and other general use application,especially designed for limited sealing space
Operating Limits
● Max.Pressure:  15kg/cm² (200 PSI)
● Max.Temperature:120°C (250°F)
● Max Speed:20m/s (4000 Ft/min)
Standard Materials
● Hardware:304SS
● Seal Faces:CB, SC, TC
● Spring:HastelloyC
● O-ring:FKM, EP
● Gland Configuration:Flush Only (Quench/Drain Optional)

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