As LNG is the fuel for change, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an important fuel clean Energy Product, much cleaner than fossile fuels. Produced in Petrochemical plants we are aware of the importance of high sealability on the system like flange joints. Lightning Desasters can be a hazard whic
AIGI Environmental has released special designs of Fishbone gasket to handle extremely high pressure and high temperature, vacuum application, and heat exchangers. These special designed Fishbone gaskets have been applied in difficult and problematic applications successfully. The life time of t
AIGI Fishbone Gasket to help you reduce maintenance cost, No Re-torquing is needed! AIGI Arrow-hook split rotary seal improves sealing for lower Oil & Maintenance cost Fast, Easy and Reliable
We’re excited to be exhibiting in-person at MINExpo 2021 this September in Las Vegas. Register and join us at booth 24929 _. #MINE21
Low Pressure Steam Systems in Food Industry, PTFE wrapped Fishbone Gaskets are installed because of the flexible bone design. No Re-torquing.
One of the biggest sealing problems you find on Heat Exchangers, temperature and pressure cycles causes leakages and resulted in short lifetime with high maintenance costs and unplanned shutdowns. AIGI's FISHBONE Live-Loading is the ultimative metal gasket to solve all of this problems. The Step-S
AIGI Split Rotary Seals are the best you can get for preventive maintenance. See how AIGI Split Rotary Seal applied on container crane.
Fishbone gaskets applied in Low Pressure Steam. Low load design requires minimum bolt load insuring long term sealibility.
120 tons Tilting Converter Reducer applied split seal 1350x1400x25mm
Automated Processes: Smart Design + Cured Materials = Hydraulic Seals & Rotary Seals
Extend bearing life and reduce maintenance costs in the most difficult high temperature applications.
AIGI SSSP Packing running in White liquor / Black liquor / Pulp for over 12Month. Find how it works.
Professional Designs; Precision & Oversized manufacturing Ability; A bountiful supply of Raw Materials; Low Friction Materials; Online Fast quotations
AIGI SSSP Packing : Super Slurry Sealing Packing
A Fishbone Sealing System for Heat Exchanger. Step 1: Fishbone Gaskets; Step 2: Disc Springs; Step 3: Bolt Lubricant

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