FISHBONE Gasket for Compressed Air

FISHBONE Gasket for Compressed Air

Think outside the box!

The AIGI Fishbone metal gasket is very well known as the newest 3rd generation metal gasket. Always with the higest performance in high temperature and pressure applications, low pressure steam and vacuum systems.

Today I’d like to share some success in a absolute different area which customer solved his leakages and saved a lot of maintenance cost and more importantly Energy.

The AIGI Fishbone gaskets been used at a Volkswagen car manufacturer plant in their compressed air system at the body shop.  With the previous SWG‘s they always had to deal with air loss leaks, compressors running 24/7 even if production was off over weekends.

After AIGI Fishbone metal gasket was installed, NO air leak seen again, compressors off if production off. In effect lowered their maintenance cost and of course Energy.  If compressors not running, No energy consumption.Volkswagen engineer put the AIGI Fishbone gaskets in all flanges from DN50 to DN150 7bar low pressure.

What a pleasure to see the performance on such a application by side all hightemperature and pressure circle applications.  Please think “Outside the box”and get in touch with our local distributor partner to get a quote, service and support. 

AIGI Fishbone metal gaskets the best you can get, 1.000.000 times lower leake rate measured by the MPA Institute Stuttgard.  


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