One leading Pulp and Paper Plant is located in South America, with a kraft paper production of 180,000 metric tons per year and the assembly of a sugar cane bagasse pulp plant. In one of their Warren Centrifugal pumps, they found AIGI SSSP packing could work much longer than their previously packi
More than a century after it was invented, the Yankee Dryer is still the heart of the tissue machine. The cylinder can not only be enormous up to 22feet, but also critical. The tissue sheet is approximately 40-50% solids. Therefore, two key parameters apply to a Yankee Dryer Seal: Convenient i
AIGI has taken double split rotary seal design to a new level with the introduction of its patented arrowhook™seals. These technologies allow for the incorporation of two independent seal surfaces into the design which dramatically improves sealing performance. The duo-lock design improves the
Fishbone gasket, is very well known as the newest 3rd generation metal gasket. To ensure the best customer experience, AIGI provides several Fishbone Gasket Certificates to our large, established distributor network all over the world. These highly trained and experienced engineers are licensed by
We will attend ACHEMA 2022 – World Forum for the Process Industries soon. 22-26 August 2022,Frankurt am Main, Germany,Website:,Hall: 9.0,Stand: D46
Think outside the box! The AIGI Fishbone metal gasket is very well known as the newest 3rd generation metal gasket. Always with the higest performance in high temperature and pressure applications, low pressure steam and vacuum systems. Today I’d like to shar
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