SuperChem 865(previously 861C)

SuperChem® Lubricant
SuperChem 865(previously 861C)
Ceramic Based Antiseize

SUPERCHEM 861C is a non-carbonizing Anti-Seize lubricant which withstands high temperatures and extreme pressures. Blended of ultrfine inorganic particles and a synthetic oil base, 861C prevents galling of threaded parts and mating surfaces during assembly/disassembly up to 1200°C (2200°F). SUPERCHEM 861C also acts as a corrosion protection system by forming a physical barrier between the metallic surfaces of the bolt and nut.



Density KG/L:1.3

Drop Point (°C):>320

Copper Corrosion:None

Weld Load (KG):≥400


1kg x10/case

Data Sheet                        

* Lab results for individual production lots tested; some variability will occur

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