SEAL-N-C Machining Center

SEAL-N-C Machining Center
SEAL-N-C Machining Center
Features                        •  Rapid – finished in a few minutes
                       •  High Quality Seals & Sealing Products
                       •  Hydraulic & Pneumatic Applications
                       •  Availability of Custom-Designed
                       •  Wide Materials Range
V6.1 Patented Floating & Grabbing Rotary Seal Profiles                        
V6.0 Special Patented High-pressure Hydraulic Seal Profiles                        
CE TÜV Certified
CE TÜV Certified
Reason’s Seal Machining System makes your perfect partner for the rapid production of high quality seals and sealing products.

                       Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, as well as other various sealing products are available for use within a few minutes. This is particularly true for the cylinder repair industry. CNC machined seals offer many advantages over the mass produced standard seals.

                       The ReasonMachining System allows users the availability of practically every seal profile in the fastest time, satisfying your customer’s individual requirements in standard seals along with special dimensions and individually designed from any material.
REASON 320Machining Center                        •  Max. Turning diamater : 320mm
                       •  8 Position tool turret complete with VDI 20 tool holders, to facilitate fast and accurate replacement and positioning of tools.
                       •  Standard VDI shank diameter: 20mm
                       •  Tool change time (o knife): 0.4s
                       •  Tool change time (longest knife): 0.8s
                       •  Siemens 828D control system (optional Siemens 802D)
REASON 600Machining Center                        •  Max. Turning diamater : 600mm
                       •  12 Position tool turret complete with VDI 30 tool holders, to facilitate fast and accurate replacement and positioning of tools.
                       •  Standard VDI shank diameter: 30mm
                       •  High performance ship cutter and extraction unit
                       •  Quick fit raw material clamping system
                       •  Siemens 828D control system (optional Siemens 802D)

                       All clamping system fixtures have a uniform diameter to suit the chuck, allowing for a quick and easy replacement of raw materials, also ensuring accurate concentricity.
Basic Cutting Tool Set                            Reason T1D1/T1D2
                           Reason T2D1
                           Reason T3D1
                           Reason T5D3 / T5D4
                           Reason T6D1
                           Reason T6D4
                           Reason T7D1
                           Reason T8D1
Software                        Reason Technology Company’s advanced seal machiningsoftware allows the users an easy to use interface for programming the system for the manufacture of Hydraulic/Pneumatic seals and sealing products.
Select the product type to be manufactured
Select product profile.
Input seal cavity dimensions and select seal raw material type.
Input raw material sizes.
                               Review recommended cutting tools, NC program and click OK to send.
After loading the raw material and correct cutting tools your Reason 320 CNC Machining System is ready to manufacture your seals.

The Reason Technology Company’s advanced seal machining (SEAL-N-C) software also allows the users to print drawings of the products being manufactured for inspection personnel and for the customers’ reference.

Simply amend the text boxes with the information you would like to see and click the print button.

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