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NBR (Product Code:P03)                       

Nitrile Rubber (NBR) is commonly considered the workhorse of the industrial and automotive rubber products industries. The unique balance of oil, chemical, heat and cold resistance allows it to work well in a wide variety of industrial applications. Reason Technology Co., Ltd. provides customer a highly cost effective solution of semi-finished material, with modern processing technology.

                       • Oil Resistance: Excellent
                       • Hydraulic fluids Resistance: Excellent.
                       • Water fuel Resistance: Excellent
                       • Gas Resistance: Excellent
                       • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
                       • Compression set Resistance: Excellent

                       • High tensile Resistance: Excellent                                              

NBR Data Sheet
Standard Colour: Black

Hardness85 ±5Shore ADIN
Density1.3 ±0.1g/cm3DIN
Modulus 100%11 - 13N/mm2DIN
Tensile Strength≥16N/mm2DIN
Elongation at Break           
Compression Set 70oC/22hr 
Minimum Service Temperature-30oC
Maximum Service Temperature+100oC

For full spec. or other product details, please contact REASON via info@aigienvironmental.com

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